How to Write an Eviction Notice With Non-Payment

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Dealing with a tenant who has not paid his rent can be a major source of stress for a landlord. The eviction process takes a lot of time and money if lawyers enter the situation. The first step in an eviction is sending your tenant notice that they must either pay or vacate the premises. Non-payment of rent is one of many reasons for evictions. In the letter, you must express exactly what the tenant has done and the deadline for rectifying the situation.

Write the letter in a business letter format. Include your name, address and phone number as well as the name and address of the tenant. Date the letter at the top.

Keep the letter brief, explaining that the tenant is in violation of the rental agreement for not paying his rent. Include when the rent was due and the date you last received payment.

Tell the tenant how long he has to remedy the situation before you begin the eviction process. In most states, tenants have three days to pay their rent, but check your state's requirements before sending the letter.

Sign the letter and address the envelope to tenant. Mail the notice by certified mail.



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