How to Apply for Russian Citizenship

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Obtaining Citizenship by Naturalization

Step 1

Live continuously in the Russian Federation for five years, spending no more than three months of each year outside the country. This can be reduced to three years with high achievement in science, technology and culture, or with special talent of interest to the Russian Federation. The residency also can be reduced in cases in which the applicant has been granted political asylum. The reduction in this instance is done in the simplified manner.

Step 2

Fill out the application for citizenship.

Step 3

Attach the required documents, including your passport, birth certificate, photograph and marriage certificate, if necessary. The documents required for the simplified manner are different, and include a migration card, a departure card and passports of your near of kin who are Russian citizens.

Step 4

Reject your current citizenship, except in certain cases in which the Russian Federation is obligated by international treaty to allow dual citizenship.


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