How to Find Wills in Public Records in Bexar County, Texas

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Summarizes the steps for finding a will in the public records of Brexar County, Texas either in person or through the mail.

Bexar County, Texas, is located in the southeastern portion of the state. San Antonio is a major city in Bexar County. The Bexar County Clerk holds probate and will records for the county. Wills are public records available to be searched and viewed by anyone. Locating wills in the county's public records requires either a trip to the courthouse to conduct a search of the wills or a mail-in request.

Visit the Courthouse

Visit the Bexar County Courthouse located at 100 Dolorosa, #104, San Antonio, TX 78205. Proceed to the office of the county clerk.

Ask where the probate and will indexes are held. Ask for directions on searching the indexes. Some counties arrange the indexes by last name and others by year then last name. More current wills may be indexed on a computer and older wills on microfilm or will books.

Search the will indexes to locate the individual you seek. You should know the legal name of the individual and the date of death or approximate year of death to narrow the search. When you have located the will, ask to review it.

Mail-in Request

Write a letter to the Bexar County Clerk, 100 Dolorosa, #104, San Antonio, TX 78205.

Ask the clerk to conduct a search of wills. Provide the name of the deceased and the date of death or approximate date of death. Include your contact information. Always include your phone number in case there are questions regarding your request.

Mail the request to the County Clerk and await a response.


  • The Bexar County Courthouse website has an option to search for records. Will records are not included in this online index. The index primarily contains deeds and land records.

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