How to Change Your Name in Boston

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To change your name in Boston, you must follow the state of Massachusetts' laws. However, you can change your name legally without leaving Boston since name changes are handled by local probate courts in that state. Changing your name in Boston includes filling out a form and filing it with the court to petition the name change. You also must prove that you are changing your name for honest reasons before it is approved.

Obtain a copy of form CJP27. Visit your local probate court for the form or download and print it from Massachusetts Courts website.

Fill out the form, including your old name and new desired name. Include name changes for any children and your spouse. State the reason why you want to change your name. Sign and date the form.

File the form with your local probate court. Pay the appropriate filing fee. As of 2011, the fee is $150 plus a $15 filing fee.

Include your birth certificate with the application. Include a marriage license if your name has been changed since due to marriage.

Wait for the probate court to set a hearing for your name change. Appear before court when the date is set to make the change official.


  • If you are recently married or divorced, your marriage license or divorce decree are both legal documents and you do not need to petition the court for a name change.


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