How to Get a Texas Parole Release Date

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Parole is a process in which prisoners receive conditional and supervised release from jail before the completion of their sentences. The possibility of parole is determined at initial sentencing. After serving a majority of the sentence, a parole board convenes to decide whether an offender should be released based upon factors including the severity of the crime, behavior and immediate job and living opportunities once released. In Texas, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) provides no cost information on offender releases. Victims of convicted criminals automatically receive news of any release if registered on the Victim Notification System.

Use the Offender Online Search tool on the TDCJ website to look up general information on the offender. This information includes the TDCJ number, offender location, convicted offense, incarceration history and projected release date.

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Contact the TDCJ over the phone using either the Offender Locator/General Information Line or the Offender Parole Status Line. For the latter you must have either the offender's TDCJ or state identification numbers, while the former also accepts the exact birth date. Parole release date is provided over the phone.

Contact the TDCJ via e-mail at classify@tdcj.state.tx and provide the offender's full name, TDCJ number, exact date of birth -- or approximate age -- and county of conviction. Parole release date is provided in a response e-mail.