How to Create a Homestead in Washoe County, Nevada

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The Washoe County, Nevada, homestead exemption protects homeowners up to $350,000. This means homeowners with judgments filed against them cannot be forced to sell their home to pay the debt. If a home is worth more than $350,000, a sale is enforceable to meet the judgment but the homeowner gets to keep the first $350,000 from the sale. Manufactured homes and condominiums are also protected under the homestead exemption. Nevada homestead exemptions do not protect homeowners from judgments filed by the Internal Revenue Service or a mortgage company.

Download a Declaration of Homestead form from the Washoe County Recorder’s office ( Click on "Forms" in menu on the left. Click "Homestead form (pdf file)" to download the form. The form can also be picked at the recorder's office (1001 E. Ninth St., Bldg. A, Suite 140/150, Reno, Nevada) or requested through the mail by calling the office (775-328-3661).

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Fill out the form. If you downloaded the form, you can fill it out using Adobe Reader, or print it and fill it out. Include the assessor parcel number of assessor's manufactured home ID number (see Tips). Select the description that describes how you are making the declaration, such as married (filing jointly,) married (filing individually), single person or multiple single persons. Include a legal description of the property, including the estimated value.

Locate a notary public in Washoe County. You can find one at the county recorder’s office, the post office, banks or law offices. Sign the document in the presence of a notary. If filing jointly, both parties must sign the form.

Deliver in person or mail your declaration of homestead to the Washoe County Recorder’s office and pay the recording fee. For an explanation of fees, select "Schedule of Fees" from the side menu on the recorder's website. You will receive the original form in the mail after six to eight weeks, with a copy filed at the recorder's office.


  • You may submit your homestead exemption immediately after signing the purchase paperwork of your Washoe County home; there is no waiting period. Your home is protected as long as it remains your primary residence. Protection begins immediately after filing your exemption application.

    You may only file homestead exemption for your primary residence, which is the home you reside in permanently. You do not have to refile the declaration of homestead each year; you only refile if you move into another residence.

    If you do not know the assessor parcel number, the Washoe County Assessor's website ( lists the information. Click the "On-line data" link in the welcome message. Click "Property Assessment Data" under the "Washoe County Assessor's Data Available On-Line" heading. Click "Go to Search Page" under the disclaimer. You can search by owner's name, address or ZIP code. The number is under the "APN" column in the search results.