How to Track a DOT Registration Number

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The Department of Transportation requires commercial drivers to apply for a USDOT number prior to operating their business. These numbers must be displayed on their vehicle at all times and can be tracked by government officials and the public to review the safety record of a particular carrier. Numbers can also be used to track the owners and business operators of a particular vehicle. The tracking process can be for a fee through the DOT's website.

Access the Company Safety Profile Request Form. This form is accessible through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration portion of the DOT website.

Enter the number you would like to track and your e-mail address. Be sure that you use an e-mail you can access, as the safety profile will be forwarded to this address. You will be prompted to pay a $20 USD fee for the report by credit card.

Expect the profile to be delivered to your inbox within 72 hours. The report will include operator information, history of safety reviews, crash summaries and reports dating back four years and two year inspection reports.


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