How to File an Eviction Notice in Arkansas

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Failure to pay rent or pay rent on time is grounds for eviction in the state of Arkansas. The sheriff of the county is responsible for carrying out an eviction. It is illegal for the landlord to evict the tenant by removing the tenant’s belongings and changing the locks at the property, as this is considered harassment. Upon successful eviction, any property left behind by the tenant is considered “abandoned” and becomes the property of the landlord.

Step 1

Send the tenant written notice to vacate the property. The notice needs to be sent certified mail, so that there is a record once they sign for it. Keep a copy of the notice, and give the tenant three days to respond before moving on to the next step.

Step 2

Sue the tenant by filing a complaint at the local courthouse. The courthouse will have the paperwork required. It should be listed as an “unlawful detainer” complaint.

Step 3

Wait for the courthouse to summon the tenant to appear in court. The tenant has five days to object to the eviction in person or in writing.

Step 4

Attend the hearing to determine right of possession of the property. This hearing determines whether the eviction is allowed to proceed legally.

Step 5

Return to the dwelling with a police officer to remove the tenant from the dwelling if the court sides with you.

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