How to Check Your Chapter 13 Payment History

Set up your chapter 13 user account at RGS Legal, Inc. (see Resources). You need to register using your case number, Social Security number and create a username and password. Click "Get Started Now" in the middle of the page. Follow the prompts.

Enter your username and password on the login page that displays after you create your account.

Read the displayed page, which is your case summary. This has all of your personal information case status and the amount of your monthly payment, total amount paid into the plan and how much was paid to creditors.

Click "Account Ledge." This page will show you how much money you have sent to the trustee, the date it was received and the amounts disbursed to the creditors and the trustee.

Click "Claim Summary" to see the details pertaining to each creditor. This page shows you the percentage that will be paid to the creditor, claim amount as stated in your court papers, principle paid to date, scheduled amount, principle owed to date (the remaining balance on each creditor) and the monthly payment to each creditor.



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