How to Find Out If My Property Has a Lien Against It in Ohio

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In Ohio you can find out if your property has a lien on it by simply checking the records of the local county recorder and the local clerk of courts.

Determine if county records are accessible online.

Visit county websites.
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Nowadays many local county recorder's and county clerk's of court records can be viewed on the Internet by simply visiting these agency websites. See if your local government offices maintain websites. Visit those sites and determine if they maintain the records online.

Most property liens are at county recorder's office.
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If records are maintained online, then first visit the website of your local county recorder. Most property lien records are typically maintained in this office. You search the records by your name to determine if any liens are filed against your property.

Judgments become liens against your property.
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If records are maintained online, then visit the website of your local county Clerk of Court. Any legal judgment that has been obtained against you will attach as a lien against the property you hold in that county. Search the county Clerk of Court records for any judgments that have been obtained against you.

You might need to physically visit these offices.
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If your local county offices do not maintain these records online, then you will need to physically visit their offices and review their records for this information. The employees in these offices are usually very helpful and can assist you in obtaining any record of liens filed against your property.