How to Fill Out a Notary Affidavit

Fill in the name of the state in which the signing has or will take place. This field is usually in the upper left corner of the affidavit.

Fill in the name of the county in which the signing has or will take place. This field is usually located just below the state field.

Enter the date of the notarization where prompted. The date the document was actually signed must not be indicated here, unless the signing occurs on the date of notarization.

Insert the notary's name where prompted. Note that some financial institutions require that the words "Notary Public" follow the notary's name. For example, "John Smith, Notary Public ..."

Fill in the name of the person(s) who have or will sign the document being notarized. The person's middle name or initial is only required if the document being notarized requires it. Look at the signature block on the document being notarized to determine whether the middle name or initial must appear on the affidavit.

Sign at the signature block at the bottom of the affidavit.

Apply the notary seal where prompted. If the affidavit does not indicate where the seal must be placed, position the seal to the right to the signature block.



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