How to Find Out About My Court Date & Time in Missouri

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Being summoned for a court appearance can sometimes happen without much notice and, in some cases, without any notice at all if you can't be located prior to the scheduled date.

With few exceptions, court dates are a matter of public record, and you don't have to be a lawyer or party in a case to inquire about case schedules. While many courts now post schedules online, some court systems — including Missouri — only list court dates for appellate court and supreme court cases on their websites. All other types of court dates are available only by phone or in-person inquiry.

Review the legal documents pertaining to your case. Locate your court case number on the front page of your summons, or in the upper left area of any filed motions, orders or summons. Missouri has 45 judicial courts as well as a court of appeals presiding over various counties in the state. Locate the name or jurisdiction of the court overseeing your case at the top of your legal documents.

Visit the official website for Missouri Courts to find contact information for the clerk of court presiding over your case. Select the tab at the top of the page labeled "About Your Courts" and select the type of court system overseeing your case. Follow the link to select your county or region. A listing of staff and addresses should be presented. Call or visit the clerk of court using the information provided.

Provide your case number, if you know it, or give your name as a party in the case. Explain that you need to verify the time and date of your court date. Some clerks will require you to present your request in person with a picture identification, while some will provide the information over the phone. Follow the office representative's instructions to expedite your request.


  • Failure to show at a court-scheduled appearance can negatively impact your sentencing or final order from the court. Make certain you arrive early, are dressed professionally and act politely during your appearance.


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