How to Paint a Handicap Parking Space

The International Standard Handicap symbol is painted on handicap parking spaces.
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According to the Americans with Disabilities Acts guidelines, handicap parking spaces of your business's parking lot need to be painted with the International Standard Handicap symbol in light blue and white paint. Handicapped parking spaces need to be the closest parking spot to the front door of the business with a clear pathway for wheelchairs or electric scooters. Different states have different additional regulations regarding handicap spots, so be sure to research what yours are before you start.

Designate the handicapped parking spaces area of your parking lot. Handicapped spaces need to be near building entrances in an area of the parking lot that has a maximum surface slope of 1/4-foot.

Measure out a 17-feet wide parking space. A single handicap space needs 12 feet to accommodate the vehicle with a 5-foot wide access aisle to provide space for the handicapped person to maneuver in. Spray a 4-inch wide stripe with light blue spray paint marking the 12-feet wide handicap vehicle space. Measure 5-feet out from one side of the vehicle space, whichever is closest to the door -- either the right or the left side of the vehicle space -- and spray a 4-inch wide stripe with light blue spray paint to make the access aisle.

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Spray a 4-inch line at the bottom of the 5-feet wide access aisle line. Measure 12-inches up from this line and place your No Parking stencil on the pavement. Spray the open areas of the stencil with the light blue spray paint. Spray hash marks or diagonal lines, 36-inches apart from one another starting from the bottom aisle access line. Do not spray over the letters you just painted, spray close to them and leave a visible space and continue the diagonal line on the other side.

Set the first stencil with the open box area down onto the handicap vehicle space, with the bottom of the stencil's open box close to the end of the parking lines you painted. Thoroughly spray the open square shaped area of the stencil with the light blue spray paint, covering the pavement with a thick coat. Wait 10 minutes for the paint to dry.

Set the second stencil with the figure of the International Handicap Parking stencil over the blue square. Spray the figure stencil and the dash-line stencil that frames the blue square with the white parking lot spray paint, thoroughly covering the pavement with a thick coat of paint.


  • Check the handicap parking requirements for your state to make sure that you are adhering to local codes.


  • If your stencil is made out of PVC and is curling up on you, place it in a warm location over night and it will uncurl and straighten out.

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