How to Admit Responsibility With Explanation for a Traffic Ticket

Check with your local government to confirm the steps for admitting responsibility with explanation.
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When you receive a traffic ticket in certain jurisdictions, you may have the option to admit responsibility along with an explanation of the situation. This means you admit to having committed the violation but also feel you have a valid reason for having done so and would like the court to consider this explanation when determining your penalty.

Step 1

Look at the ticket you have received either directly from a law enforcement officer or affixed to your vehicle. There should be a space on the ticket where you can select the option to admitting responsibility with an explanation.

Step 2

Write down your explanation for having disobeyed the law. This explanation should be written in a formal letter format and should detail what happened, when, where and why you felt it necessary to violate the law.

Step 3

Mail the traffic ticket and the signed explanation letter to your local traffic court.

Step 4

Await a response from the court system. You should receive a response in about one month's time. The verdict will include any fines or fees that will need to be paid.

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