How to Get an Arrest Warrant Recalled by the Judge

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Make a blind inquiry to the court when you've failed to appear after being summoned. Ask if a bench warrant has been issued against you. Alternately, you can request a friend or relative to assist you in this matter.

Approach and consult a lawyer about the outstanding bench warrant. Provide the lawyer with any relevant documents that you have, such as the original court summons. Truthfully discuss the reason why you were summoned.

Wait for your lawyer to appear on your behalf and request the recall of the bench warrant. In some instances, such as when the warrant has been issued in connection with your alleged commission of a felony, you may be required to appear personally before the judge will recall the bench warrant.

Perform the action that you neglected to perform earlier, which led to the issuance of the bench warrant. Pay any fees or fines for which you are liable, show proof of having engaged in the requisite community service or take other such steps to prevent such a warrant from being issued again. In the event of a felony bench warrant recall, you may be ordered to post bail as further security for your promise to appear in court when requested.


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