How to Find out When Your Probation Is Done

By Elizabeth (Lisa)Thompson - Updated April 09, 2017

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When you are convicted of a crime, a judge will sentence you for the offense. He will consider a variety of factors, including the nature of the offense, your criminal background, your need for treatment and even your statements regarding the crime. He may place you on probation for a specified length of time instead of sending you to prison. If you do go to prison, you will most likely be on probation for a period of time after your release. You can find out when your probation is finished by following a few basic steps.

Check Your Probation Requirements

Obtain a copy of your probation requirements after you are sentenced or released from prison. This legal document tells you the specific terms and conditions you must follow to remain free in the community. It also has the date you were placed on probation and how long the probation term lasts, usually from one to seven years, with three years also a very common probation-term length.

Ask Your Probation Officer

Your probation officer will review the probation terms and your probation length with you. These time frames are set by law. Maintain contact with your probation officer and continue to report to her as directed. By following your probation terms and conditions and keeping open communication with her, you will complete probation on time. You can ask her any questions you have about your specific probation completion date.

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