How to Write to the Police Chief

Writing a letter to your police chief doesn't have to be difficult.
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If you have a problem with something in your jurist diction, but aren't getting anywhere with the police, it is probably a good idea to get in touch with your local police chief. When contacting the police chief, it is best to have all your documentation in order so that there is proof you've already gone through other channels and the problem has still not been solved. Writing a letter can always be a challenge. Writing a letter to law enforcement can cause even more stress, but it doesn't have to be difficult.

Step 1

Call your local police station and get the name of the police chief. Do not explain what you are calling in reference to. Copy down the name and make sure you get the correct spelling. If possible, also get his/her email address.

Step 2

Open up a word processor program on your computer. As if you are addressing an envelope, write the name, title of the police chief and the address of the police station. Skip a line and type "Dear" and the name of the police chief.

Step 3

When writing the body of the letter, make your statements brief and to the point. In the first paragraph, write about the exact problem you are having. If you have police reports, be sure to include the dates and briefly describe what is in the report.

Step 4

In the second paragraph, write what you would like to be done about the problem and request that the police chief handle the matter personally instead of giving it to one of his/her subordinates. Then, write a third paragraph, in which you thank the police chief for his/her time and state that you look forward to hearing from him/her.

Step 5

Proofread the letter, make sure it doesn't sound angry, or sarcastic in any of your sentences, and make sure the grammar is correct.

Step 6

If you have received the police chief's email address, copy and paste the letter you have written into your email and send it to the police chief directly. If you were not provided with the email address, address an envelope with the police chief's name and the address of the police station, print the letter and mail it via regular mail.

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