How to Send an Inmate Snacks

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Write a list of the inmate's favorite snacks. Do this by talking with the inmate's other friends and family members or by contacting the inmate directly.

Research the prison facility the inmate is staying in to see the list of companies the facility will accept packages from. You can find out this information by phoning the facility directly or looking it up online. Also check the items you are allowed to send to inmates in that facility so your package is not rejected.

Contact one of the accepted companies to place an order. The company packs the box and sends it for you. You may want to compare the prices and items offered by various companies to see which is best. Many facilities allow inmates to receive packages a limited number of times every year. Be sure the package will arrive at an accepted date so that the snacks do not go stale.

Contact the inmate to ensure the package was accepted and arrived safely.


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