How to Get Proof of an Annulment

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Some personal records are best kept in a safe place where you can access them at any time. Your birth certificate, your passport and your marriage license are a few examples of important documents of which you should keep track. If you have ever had a marriage annulled, safeguard your documents as proof of your annulment. If you remember where the annulment took place, getting proof of the annulment is simple and straightforward.

Go to the courthouse in the county or parish that granted your annulment. Most courthouses have a computer terminal that the public can use to look up court records. Use the computer terminal to look up records in your name. Find the annulment case among the search results and make a note of the case number of the file.

Go to the family law or domestic relations clerk's window at the courthouse. Some court offices provide a request card that you must complete to check out your file. Fill out the card if the court has one. If not, give the court clerk your file number and ask him to retrieve your file.

Locate the final order of annulment in your file. This may be called "Judgment of Annulment," "Decree of Annulment" or "Order of Nullity of Marriage." The name of the document varies from state to state. If you can't find the right document, ask the court clerk what the document is called in your state.

Ask the court clerk to make a certified copy of the judgment of annulment from your file. Pay the fee for the certified copy.


  • If it's impractical for you to visit the courthouse where your annulment was granted, contact the attorney who represented you in the annulment and ask her to send you proof of annulment. You may also hire a document retrieval service to get proof of your annulment from the courthouse.


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