How to Get My 1099G From Arizona

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If you received unemployment payments from Arizona last year, you should have already receive a copy of the information return sent to the IRS, called form 1099-G, by the end of February. If you didn't get one, call the Department of Economic Security.

What Is a 1099-G Arizona?

The forms called "1099s" are an important part of the Internal Revenue Service's tax enforcement program. While state and federal tax is withheld from employee wages and sent directly to the taxing authorities, the types of income reported on 1099s do not have the same kind of mandatory withholding.

For example, if you earn interest from a CD or make money as an independent contractor, the IRS doesn't get its share early, as it does for wages. But to make sure the agency gets it at all, it requires a reporting of the financial details. The person paying you the money must report the payment to the IRS, along with your name and Social Security number. This is matched to your return electronically, so the IRS can tell whether you fully reported the income.

These information returns are given 1099 numbers and are generally referred to by those numbers. There are over 20 types of 1099 forms, generally identified by a letter following the "1099,' as with the 1099-G.

The 1099-G reports Certain Government Payments. If you are looking for a 1099-G from the state of Arizona, it is likely related to unemployment insurance (UI/TRA and ATAA) payments. Like every other reporting entity, Arizona sends the 1099-G directly to the IRS and mails you a copy.

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How to Get Your Arizona 1099-G?

Normally, you should receive your copy of Arizona 1099-G for the previous year by the last day of February. For example, for 2018, you should receive a 1099-G by February 28, 2019. However, if you don't receive it, don't worry too much. You can easily find out how much you earned in unemployment benefits last year and how much was withheld.

Go to the UI Benefit "Weekly Claim Filing System." Type in your Social Security Number and click the "View Benefits Paid (1099)" tab. You'll be asked to enter your password to see the total amount of UI benefits paid for a given year, along with any withheld taxes.

To actually put your hands on a copy of your Arizona 1099-G, call the Arizona Department of Economic Security and ask for another copy. If you live in Phoenix, call (602) 364-2722. In Tucson, call (520) 791-2722. In any other part of the state or the world, call (877) 600-2722.

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