How to Register a Pellet Gun in New Jersey

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New Jersey administrative code stipulates that air guns, including pellet guns, constitute firearms and must be registered with the State Police. Using a pellet without registering it with the State Police is illegal. New Jersey State Police provides a form for voluntary registration of previously owned firearms which have been obtained legally (either under a previous law or in a different jurisdiction). People wishing to purchase a new gun must first obtain a license and permit to purchase one before registering the gun.

Obtain New Jersey’s “Voluntary Form of Firearms Registration.” This form can be found on the official website of the New Jersey State Police.

Complete the form with a ballpoint pen. You will need to provide specific information about your gun, including manufacturer and serial number, and about the dealer from whom you obtained it. You will also need to specify how you came in possession of the pellet gun.

Make three copies of the completed form.

Send the original copy of your form to the Superintendent of State Police, and a copy to the Chief of Police for your municipality. The address for the Superintendent’s office is on the form. You can find the address for the Chief of Police of your municipality on the official website of the State Police.


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