How to Write a Notary Public Note

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At one point or another, you're likely going to need to have a document notarized. These documents are legal agreements that say that you and any other participant made an agreement over something. These documents can include wills, deeds, custody agreements, medical papers and much more. It may sound like a daunting task to prepare a legal document by yourself, but all you really need to do is prepare some simple information and a notary public will do the rest.

Prepare a draft of the document you wish to get notarized. If you're typing the note on a computer, be sure to leave spaces for the signature of all parties involved, as well as the date on which the note is notarized.

Include specific details in your note. For example, if you're saying John Doe will have custody over Mary Jane's children on the weekend, be sure to include how long this agreement will last, the names of the children involved, whether or not this includes holidays and birthdays, and any other important details.

Review your note to make sure there aren't errors. There is nothing worse than going to get a document notarized only to find out you forgot an important detail.

Print out your note, but don't sign anything on it yet.

Take your document be notarized. This can be done for free at many banks and public libraries. Some lawyers are also authorized as a Notary Public and will notarize your document for a small fee.

Sign your name on the notary document and have any other participates do the same.

Write the date of when the note was notarized at the top of the paper.


  • If you're stuck on what to say, try using a notary template.


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