How to Get Section 8 Faster for Disabled

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Filling out an application as completely and accurately as possible the first time will help you get Section 8 housing faster.

Gathering required information quickly and filling out your applications form properly on a first submission will increase your chances of Section 8 housing for the disabled faster. Section 8 housing is administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and provides assistance to low-income families and the disabled.

Getting Started With a Local PHA

Contact your local public housing authority. The rules about waiting lists for disabled people vary between different PHAs. You will have to contact your local PHA, usually administered by your county or parish, to find out what its rules are. The most common type of PHA application for Section 8 housing awards points for certain types of cases: if you are homeless, disabled, a victim of a natural disaster or abuse, you earn a point. Vouchers are awarded to the highest points first.

Preparing an Application

When you request an application form, seek help from a social worker or program administrator familiar with the application process. This will increase your chances of submitting a proper form the first time and reduce the likelihood of having to submit additional information or later corrections to the application.Photocopy all of the required documents and all of the papers you will be submitting, including the completed form itself. In some cases you will need to submit original documents, in other cases submitting a copy is acceptable.

PHA Guidelines and Disability

Find out if you qualify as a disable person under the PHA guidelines. Only by contacting your PHA will you find out what your local rules are. For example, in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, third-party verification of a disability must be obtained. The verification can come through a doctor, and verification of the receipt of Social Security Administration disability benefits suffices as verification for the purpose of qualifying for waiting lists and and certain income disallowances and deductions.

Waiting for an Answer

Wait for a confirmation letter to arrive. Generally, you will not need to travel in to the case worker's office, but if you need to be interviewed for Section 8 approval you will be contacted with instructions on how to make an appointment. Once your letter has come in the mail with your approval you will be given instructions on your voucher.

Moving in to Housing

Move in to your new residence as soon as possible. Your voucher should be used as quickly as possible after you are awarded it. You may need to give as much as 60 days notice at your current residence depending on the language of your lease. Beginning the move-out process as quickly as possible is very important.


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