How to Create My Own Guardianship Form

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Guardianship forms can prove to be very handy in certain situations, especially when parents are traveling to another country and leave their children under the responsibility of a trusted friend or even a family member, or simply when a child is part of an organized trip. It is also needed by adults who are being cared for by someone other than the parents, and usually the adult under guardianship would have a medical illness, be elderly or other such reasons. Costs are involved in being granted guardianship, so by preparing your own guardianship form for court purposes, you will be saving some money.

Collect and have on hand important documents for the individual you are seeking guardianship for. Such documents include the person's Social Security card, birth certificate, state or government identification card and other documents. Obtain certified copies when possible. When creating a Guardianship Form, your information must be error-free, meaning you cannot guess on maiden names, date of birth and other pertinent information. You also need to have on hand any insurance information and addresses and phone numbers of emergency contacts.

Contact a family attorney or your local court to see whether or not a hearing will be required to finalize the guardianship form. From state to state, procedures vary, so be sure to know your local court procedure, if any. If fees are associated with you filing the guardianship form, you will be informed at this time. Some areas don't require any type of formal hearing, but be sure to check.

Determine who the guardian will be. Assuming you are preparing the form for yourself, you would start your form by listing yourself under the heading of The Parties to This Agreement, Parent/Guardian. Here you list your full name, Social Security Number, residential (not mailing) address, phone and e-mail, if applicable.

Input another header, Child/Other. This is where you list all the information of the individual you are trying to become guardian for. You will provide the same information you provided on yourself in Step 3.

Create another header, Temporary Guardian, and in the area list the information for the guardian. If for yourself, just copy the information you had in Step 3; otherwise include that same information on the person who is to be designated as the guardian.

Decide the time period of guardianship. Input next on your form the following: I, the Parent / Guardian of the Child hereby grant temporary guardianship to the Temporary Guardian for the period from the _ day of ____ 20 and expiring on the_ day of ___ 20__. Fill in the blanks appropriately.

Place a paragraph indicating medical history, emergency contacts information, medical insurance policy numbers and any other information that may be needed in an emergency. Be sure to state anyone who can make medical emergency decisions in the absence of the guardian.

Sign the form. It is usually a good idea to have a witness or two to witness and sign it as well. Get your form notarized. Pending the information you received from your local court or an attorney, proceed as you were advised by them once the form is created. Be sure to keep copies on hand.


  • Be sure to check your local requirements in regards to guardianship. The process may vary from state to state.
  • Ask a second party to review your form. You want your form accurate and complete, and a second set of eyes can help you catch any errors or incomplete information.


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