How to Write an Invention Proposal

An invention proposal is necessary before obtaining a patent.
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If you have an idea that you do not think is already being marketed, you may consider writing an invention proposal allowing you to claim ownership of an idea so no one else can use your invention for profit. An invention proposal is one of the most important parts in obtaining a patent for a product. It is also very simple to complete, allowing you to claim ownership of your product quickly.

Step 1

Compose a description of your invention. Write the details of your invention such as how you devised the invention idea, the main function of the invention, and a process for recreating the invention. Be broad in your detail since patents only protect a product according to what its primary use is.

Step 2

Apply for a patent. Select a patent unique to your invention or from a list of patents that improve existing inventions. If you are citing an improvement to an already existing invention, properly reference that product as your original idea. Be sure to include how your invention is an actual improvement to any already existing products.

Step 3

Take photographs of your invention. Photographs provide visual evidence that your invention is real and it makes you look more credible. Consider taking photographs of each step in creating the invention or how it can be used. Include the photos with the proposal document.

Step 4

Sign and date the proposal and ask two witnesses to co-sign the document. The witnesses should be familiar with the invention as they will serve as references if needed. Get the proposal notarized and mail it to the Commissioner for Patents for final approval.


  • Have a lawyer review the proposal. This may require a fee, but will ensure the proposal is professional and may help reduce the possibility of a rejection.

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