Petition to a Judge for Leniency

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A judge may show leniency when sentencing a defendant for the commission of a crime. It is common for the defendant or the defendant's family and friends to request leniency. If a judge shows leniency, the defendant may receive a reduced sentence.


A defendant who is a first-time offender or charged with a less serious crime may receive leniency. A judge may consider the crime, the harm caused, the youth of the defendant and the defendant's reputation. If a judge shows leniency, he may order probation or a reduced sentence.


Family members and friends may petition a judge for leniency in a letter. A letter may include information about the defendant, such as the defendant's dedication as a husband and father. Prior to sentencing, a defendant can also write a letter that requests leniency.

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At sentencing, a defendant can ask the judge for a more lenient punishment. The defendant must state why leniency is deserved. Possible reasons may include the completion of a substance abuse treatment program, payment of restitution to the victim or the defendant may admit to the crime and give the reason for committing it.