What Is the Meaning of a GMP Clean Room?

GMP Stands for Good Manufacturing Practices
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GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines have been developed by a variety or governmental and regulatory bodies for a variety of industries to ensure consumer and employee health and safety.

Clean Room

Clean rooms are rooms where sterilization is important. One example of this is in the pharmaceutical industry where contamination of drugs must never take place.


In developing a GMP clean room, one must consider virtually everything about the room and access to it. This includes security, control over access to the room, sterilization techniques for people, equipment and supplies brought into the room. Even ventilation of the room must be considered. This is in addition to guidelines for the protection of workers in the room who may have to handle dangerous substances or dangerous equipment.


The World Health Organization (WHO) and just about every national government have GMP clean room guidelines. If you are designing a clean room it is important to meet the regulations for any country where you may be exporting goods, as well as the country in which those goods are being manufactured.

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