How to Get on the No Call List in Indiana

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Sometimes calls from advertisers border on harassment, especially when they come frequently and at odd hours. Many of these calls are simply computer "robo calls" that call your number at random. Luckily, there is a way to protect yourself from unwanted telemarketing calls.

To stop these calls, and other potential phone scams, add yourself to the Indiana Do Not Call list. Adding yourself to the list is simple.

Call 888-834-9969 from your home phone, and follow the voice prompts to register your number with the Indiana Do Not Call list. You may do this 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fill out the online registration form if you do not wish to call (see Resources). The registration form requires your name and address and allows you to register up to five numbers at a time.

Confirm your number has been added by checking the list on the Indiana Attorney General's website (see Resources).


  • Update your registry when you move, or change your name or number. Remember that not everyone is restricted under the list. Charitable organizations, real estate agents, newspapers and licensed insurance agents can still contact you. Report violators of the Indiana Do Not Call list. Visit the Indiana Attorney General's website to file complaints against violators.



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