What Does TR1 Mean?

A TR1 ensures that a construction project follows the regulatory procedures.
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The New York City Construction Codes department requires everyone file certain forms prior to commencing any construction of, or work on, a building or home, such as structural, heating and septic system installation or ground disturbing activities. A TR1, or "Technical Report: Statement of Responsibility" is what these forms are called.

TR1 Forms

The TR1 applicant, typically the home or building owner, responds in the forms with the understanding of his responsibilities and the details of progress throughout a construction project. The applicant of a project must ensure by signing, that the progressing work will follow strict adherence to the New York City Construction Codes, receive all necessary follow-up inspections and any required tests.

Construction Codes

New York City Construction Codes, as of 2010, in regard to a TR1 application included “...work that complied with approved plans, building codes as well as any other related laws and policies,” as stated in the "NYC Buildings" manual.


All states have compliance policies regarding completion of any electrical, structural, ground disturbing and construction activity. Safety is the main reason for these strictly enforced laws that may vary by jurisdiction. The TR1 may require final inspection approval prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

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