What Is a Split Bail Bond?

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A split bail bond is used to release a defendant awaiting trial. A bond amount is split between the defendant and a bail bondsman. The defendant must repay the bondsman if he does not appear in court.


A bail bond is paid by a defendant or a bail bondsman. The bond is an amount set by a court to ensure the defendant returns to court on the appointed date. If a defendant does not have the money to pay, a bail bondsman pays the amount. The amount is returned as long as the defendant shows up to court.


A split bail bond occurs when a defendant can pay part of the bond required. The bail bond is then split, requiring a bondsman to pay the other half.

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Bail bonds can be cash bonds or property bonds. If a defendant has property to use, the property is held as collateral. The defendant may also split the bond, where a part of it is paid with cash and the other part is secured with property.


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