The Meaning of Consumer Affairs

Consumer affairs protects consumers from fraud.
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Consumer affairs is an established system or entity formulated for the protection and safeguard of the consumer or purchaser of goods and/or services. It protects consumers from fraud. Whether you have been sold a lemon for a car or been deliberately overcharged for an item, the consumer affairs department can assist you, as its primary business affair is to handle the overall affairs concerning the well-being of consumers and their commercial transactions.

Scam Alerts

A state consumer affairs department in conjunction with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) aids the consumer in being victimized by "fraud, deception and unfair business practices [scams] in the marketplace", through education and educational tools that are free to the public, according to the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC and consumer affairs department enforces federal laws for the consumer's buying protection.


Consumer affairs' departments typically offer online resources for the average consumer, stemming from home ownership, renting, banking, travel, education to automotive and other areas of commerce. One of the primary concerns of consumer affairs are problems related to automobiles, their sales and servicing. A consumer affairs department can provide you with proactive information to evade typical scams and other consumer fraud when purchasing your next vehicle or other products and/or services.

Bottom Line

Consumer affairs departments have been established with the consumer in mind. Educating yourself with the tools afforded you as a consumer by the consumer affairs departments and the FTC help ensure you are treated fairly as you take advantage of all the marketplace has to offer.

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