What Is a Civil Agreement?

A civil agreement is a form of legal resolution.
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A civil agreement is a legal agreement between two parties resolving a dispute and is commonly handled through the civil court system. Also known as a settlement, a civil agreement is usually the final agreement after mediation takes place.


A judge finalizes a civil agreement after mediation.

Civil agreements take place between two business entities, individuals or a combination of both. Once a settlement is reach, the civil agreement is the formal, legal document signed by all parties and the judge. This type of agreement takes place after divorce proceedings, as well as business or property-related lawsuits.

Terms and Conditions

Divorce disputes are often rectified through civil agreements.

Civil agreements outline the responsibilities of each party following court proceedings including payment of debts, property distribution and liability. The terms are usually mediated between each party's lawyer and signed by all parties.


A breach of a civil agreement may result in further court costs.

Should a breach occur in a civil agreement, the court may petition the parties for further proceedings, which may include amending the civil agreement or enforcing it as a violation. Parties with questions regarding any condition of the agreement should consult their lawyer immediately to avoid further court costs.

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