How to Find the GDC Number of an Inmate

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Find a prisoner's GDC number by searching the offender search database of the Georgia Department of Corrections.

The Georgia Department of Corrections issues every inmate in a Georgia facility a prisoner identification number, or GDC. Family members or friends from outside the prison can find this number through the public website or by calling the Department of Corrections. You'll need the GDC number when writing letters or sending packages to a prisoner.

About GDC Numbers

The Georgia Department of Corrections oversees all prisons in the state of Georgia. Inmates are issued a GDC number when they first arrive in a Georgia facility. This number does not change when an inmate transfers within the state. You'll need the GDC number when filing visitation paperwork, sending mail to a prisoner or organizing a money transfer.

About the GDC Offender Database

The Georgia Department of Corrections "Find an Offender" database includes records of current and past offenders within the state of Georgia (see Resources). Before you can search, you must read and agree to the terms of usage. After clicking your agreement, you are directed to the inmate query form.

Searching the Offender Database

Use the online form to to search adult offenders by name, gender, race, approximate age and/or facility name. Alternatively, click on the "More Options" tab, where you can input additional information about the prisoner, such as hair color, eye color, height, offense and sentence status. Choose whether to search for current inmates or those who have been released, and then click "Submit Form." The database will return a list of matching offenders, displayed by name, primary offense and current institution. Click the name of the offender you are trying to find. The GDC ID is the number starting "000" listed under the prisoner's name and photograph.

Calling the Department of Corrections

The offender search database is updated regularly, but it is not accurate in real time. If the prisoner you are looking for has been transferred to a Georgia facility only recently, call the Georgia Department of Corrections inmate information service at 404-656-4661 and ask for the prisoner's GDC. You'll need identifying information such as the offender's name, sex, and age or date of birth.



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