How to Find the GDC Number of an Inmate

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The term GDC identification refers to the unique identification number that the Georgia Department of Corrections assigns to an inmate of a state prison. A GDC number is also known as a UNO. An individual can find the GDC number, or GDC identification, of an inmate by visiting the website for the Georgia Department of Corrections and providing the inmate’s first and last name. The party can also search using other information, such as the inmate's case number, gender and age. In addition, the party can search with the institution where the inmate is housed.

What Is a Case Number?

An inmate has one or more case numbers in addition to having a single GDC number. Each case number corresponds to a specific sentencing document. A case number is usually preceded by the letters EF, PD or BC. On the web, case numbers are not padded on the left with zeros, and prefixes like EF or D are not used. A party who wants to search online with a case number should enter 1111 rather than DD001111. In earlier years, an inmate’s case number was called an offender ID or EF number.

GDC Number for Mail

A person who wished to send mail to an inmate should write that inmate’s GDC number on the outside of the envelope. An inmate who is in the custody of the Georgia Department of Corrections may not always be physically housed at a state prison. If he has an upcoming court proceeding, he may be housed at a county jail. An inmate might also be at a boot camp, medical prison or prerelease center. The GDC’s Find an Offender search engine allows a party to enter the inmate’s most recent institution to locate information about the inmate.

GDC Number for Money Order

A person who wishes to send an inmate a money order must have that inmate’s GDC number. One starts the process of sending an inmate a money order at the GDC’s website. A party can also send an inmate money through a Money Gram from Walmart or CVS, an online payment, a payment over the phone or JPAY Mobile. A person seeking to send money to an inmate must first be one of five approved individuals on the inmate’s financial list.

GDC Number for JPay

A party must have an inmate’s GDC number to provide funds to the inmate for services available through JPay. JPay is a company that provides a number of corrections-related financial and communications services in 35 states throughout the country, including Georgia. GDC provides these JPay services to inmates: send money, email, outbound email, outbound videograms, inbound videograms and video visit. A party can send money to an inmate for JPay services by completing a voucher with a money order to JPay.

A party begins the process of sending money for JPay services through the GDC's website. The party will need the inmate’s ID number. This is a combination of the offender’s GDC number and last name, with no spaces, for example: 12345Smith. A party can also use a GDC number to pay a former inmate’s parolee or probationer fees.

What Is a GOAL device?

A Georgia Offender Alternative Learning device, or GOAL device, is a ruggedized, or shock resistant, tablet that provides inmates with educational materials. A party can send an inmate money to view email and videograms through a GOAL device. Although the tablets are not connected to the internet, they can be loaded with digital content like text and video messages. An inmate with special sentencing restrictions directed by the judicial system may not be allowed to have email or videogram access through a GOAL device.

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