How to Find My Notary Number

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A notary public is an individual commissioned by a state government to administer oaths and witness signatures on official documents. Notaries public are public officials. Notaries witness signatures on items such as car titles, wills, deeds, notes and other legal documents. When you become a notary public, the state assigns you a notary commission number for identification purposes. This number is for use on each document you witness during the time of your commission. If you do not know your number, it is a simple matter to locate it.

Check the commission certificate issued by your state. The commission number is on that document.

Call the agency where you applied for your commission. Your commission number will be on file there.


Contact the state agency that issues notary public commissions. The people there will instruct you what information they need to give you your commission number.


Check your notary stamp. Your commission number must appear on the stamp.


Check a copy of a document which you notarized. Your commission number will be on this document.



  • Record your commission number in your notary journal so you always have easy access to it.


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