Pennsylvania Laws About Neon Lights

Neon lighting are addressed in Pennsylvania law in several ways.
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Pennsylvania law addresses neon lights in two ways: as they relate to neon lights on vehicles and as they pertain to real estate fixtures.


Pennsylvania law prohibits lights on vehicles other than those required or permitted by law. The Vehicle Code, Chapter 153, lists the types of lighting permitted and required for various classes of vehicles relating to lamps, reflective devices and associated equipment, which in no part permits neon lighting.

Ornamental Lighting

Ornamental lighting is defined as any light not on the standards table for vehicle use and is prohibited, including neon lights. Examples of neon lighting include undercar neon and illuminated valve stem caps, windshield washer ports and license plate covers.

Real Property

The Pennsylvania Code defines certain items associated with real estate as either fixtures, or permanent parts of real estate, or tangible personal property, not intended to become permanent parts of real estate. Neon signs are presumed not to become a permanent part of real estate absent satisfactory evidence to the contrary in Pennsylvania.

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