How to Find Out to Whom a License Plate Belongs

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There are some indirect ways to find whom a license plate belongs to, which includes searching internet sites and even accident reports.

Searching for whom a license plate belongs to is not necessarily a matter of typing in a license plate number and gaining information. This information is private, and you might have to do some legwork in order to get the information you are seeking. Many times, straightforward information about the owner of a license plate can only be accessed on secure databases by police or private investigators. However, there are some indirect ways to obtain this type of information, which includes searching internet sites and even accident reports.

Gather Information

Write down any license plate information you have, including the number and the state the license plate came from.

Go Online

Search the internet by typing in the information you have obtained into a search engine such as Google. You may be able to find a name or locate someone who can find the information for you. Alternatively, you can pay a fee on some websites. Some of these sites can give you almost as much information as would be given to a private detective who was searching for the same information.

Hire a Private Detective

This is probably the easiest and most efficient way to find out the information you are seeking. A private detective will know how to access this information and be able to access the information easily.

Ask the DMV

Ask an official at your local DMV for help if you were involved in an accident. The official may be able to at least give you the name of the license plate holder. If you want any further information on the owner such as an address of a telephone number, you could do an online search with his name.



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