How to Remove a Name From a Property Title

By Owen E. Richason IV

When property is purchased, a title is amended to reflect the change in ownership. The real property deed or title names any person with a vested interest in a piece of improved or unimproved land. Vested interest is a term which simply means a person has some right to the property. If one property owner dies or a married couple divorces, the decadent or former spouse's name must be taken off the title or deed.

Buy a quitclaim deed from an office supply store or get one through a title company, the county appraiser or the county tax assessor's office.

Complete the quitclaim deed in its entirety. Name the "grantor" or person who is relinquishing rights to the property known in a purchase as the "seller." Name the "grantee" or person who is obtaining rights to the property, known in a sale as the "buyer." Include the property address and legal description.

Execute or sign the quitclaim deed in the presence of a notary public. Have the quitclaim deed notarized. And make three copies: one for the grantor, one for the grantee and one for a backup.

File the quitclaim deed with the county property registrar. Take the original quitclaim deed to the county's property registrar's office and file it. Pay the filing fee and receive a confirmation of the filing.

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