How to Remove a Name From a Property Title

When property is purchased, a title is amended to reflect the change in ownership. The real property deed or title names any person with a vested interest in a piece of improved or unimproved land. Vested interest is a term which simply means a person has some right to the property. If one property owner dies or a married couple divorces, the decadent or former spouse's name must be taken off the title or deed.

Step 1

Buy a quitclaim deed from an office supply store or get one through a title company, the county appraiser or the county tax assessor's office.

Step 2

Complete the quitclaim deed in its entirety. Name the "grantor" or person who is relinquishing rights to the property known in a purchase as the "seller." Name the "grantee" or person who is obtaining rights to the property, known in a sale as the "buyer." Include the property address and legal description.

Step 3

Execute or sign the quitclaim deed in the presence of a notary public. Have the quitclaim deed notarized. And make three copies: one for the grantor, one for the grantee and one for a backup.

Step 4

File the quitclaim deed with the county property registrar. Take the original quitclaim deed to the county's property registrar's office and file it. Pay the filing fee and receive a confirmation of the filing.

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