Abandoned Vehicle Laws in Oregon

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Oregon law regulates when someone may remove an abandoned vehicle from a property and who may obtain a new title for the abandoned vehicle. Different requirements apply depending on the abandoned vehicle’s location.


The city, county, state or federal authority overseeing the area may remove abandoned vehicles left on public property. Private property owners may have an abandoned vehicle towed after they place notice of impending removal on the vehicle for at least 72 hours. Vehicles left in a parking lot or similar property may be towed upon notifying the local authorities.


Private property owners who wish to remove an abandoned vehicle after posting notice of the removal for at least 72 hours must provide the towing company with a signed paper that notes the vehicle's description, the property's location and that notification of towing has been placed on the abandoned vehicle.


Vehicles abandoned on private property do not simply belong to the owner of the property. Before issuing a title to a new owner of a previously abandoned vehicle, Oregon's Department of Motor Vehicles must have evidence that the title applicant is eligible to own the vehicle, such as a bill of sale from a city or state police or certification from a towing company.

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