What is the Penalty for Producing a Fake Death Certificate?

A death certificate is an official document that declares and verifies a person's death for the purposes of national health statistics and homicide cover-up prevention. The official document must be completed by a certified medical examiner or it is not valid. Producing a fake document can carry a number of penalties depending on the use of the item in both local and federal courts, which often results in the classification of the crime as a felony.

Fraud and Law-Enforcement Invasion

Fake death certificates are most commonly seen in cases of fraud and law enforcement evasion, where the penalty for producing the document will vary based on the type of crime that is being committed. Producers may face a combination of fines and jail time but the sentence will be related to the severity of the crime that was intended to be committed using the document


Sometimes fake death certificates are made using the identity of living individuals, causing a freeze on their assets, cancellation of their credit lines, revoking of their licenses and other financially and socially disruptive consequences. Penalties for these types of forgeries are similar in nature to those using your own identity, but may be steeper in restitution for the victim.

Obscure Crime and Defraud Insurance Companies

Physicians and certified medical examiners who complete a death certificate in good faith are not liable in a criminal action lawsuit. However, physicians and certified medical examiners that fraudulently complete the certificate to obscure a crime or defraud an insurance company, either for themselves or someone else, will be charged with fees and jail time at the felony level.

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