What Does Warrant Stayed Mean?

Warrants stayed places a hold on an arrest.
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When the courts issue an arrest warrant, many people do whatever is possible to avoid arrest and stay out of jail. Sometimes, however, the subject needs more time to collect the money to pay a fine or address the issues causing the warrant. A warrant stayed can give the defendant time to place his affairs in order.


A warrant stayed means the bench warrant is delayed so the defendant can appear voluntarily in court as ordered on his court date.


Although specific time frames may vary, a warrant stayed lasts as long as six months during which time the defendant may resolve any issue before the court. She may need time to complete treatment, prove she works gainfully or pay a fine. If she meets the conditions required of her, the warrant will be quashed or removed.

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A warrant stayed may also refer to eviction procedures and a delay in actual eviction. In New York, the warrant stay lasts either 72 hours, 30 days or 90 days, depending on the reason for the warrant stayed.

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