How Can I Find Information on a Federal Inmate?

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The Federal Bureau of Prisons is responsible for felons convicted in the District of Columbia and convicts who have broken federal laws. It also houses and cares for offenders awaiting trial and sentencing who have been arrested by the U.S. Marshals Service and the Immigration and Naturalization Service. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, there are 115 correctional facilities and about 219,000 offenders in custody. Despite the daunting number of offenders and many places they may be housed, finding information about one particular federal inmate is simple.

Visit the Federal Bureau of Prisons website and click on the link labeled "Inmate Locator." You will be redirected to another page.

Type the inmate's register, DCDC, FBI or INS number and click "Search." Select the type of number you are entering from a drop-down menu directly above the search box where you typed the inmate's number. Alternatively, type the individual's first and last name in the labeled boxes and click "Search."

Read the list of results, which include the inmate's name, register number, age, race, actual or projected release date and the facility where the inmate is being housed. The facility name is linked to a prison profile page which tells the security level of the prison, where it is located and provides links to visitor information and directions.


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