Transferring Vehicle Title in Arkansas

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Whether you are selling your current vehicle or you just want to transfer the title to someone other than yourself, you can do so easily in Arkansas with just a few steps. Using the official Arkansas website guide on transferring titles will help make the title-transferring process go even quicker.

Obtain the official vehicle title and date it as you are the “seller.” Have the buyer date the title as well and sign it as the “buyer” to confirm this action.

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Provide the buyer of your vehicle a “Permission to Issue a Replacement Title” form if possible. This form is available online for free (see References below).

Give the buyer an “Odometer Disclosure Statement” form (available online as well) if the vehicle you are trying to sell is less than 10 years old from its manufacturing date.

Date, sign, and complete a “Bill of Sale” agreement, which is downloadable and printable online (see References) with the buyer who is purchasing your vehicle.

Create a copy of all of the documents you have signed with the buyer and give him the document so he can complete the process on his own at a local revenue office.

Complete and fill out a “Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle” (which is a document available online, see References) and send or mail it to:

Department of Finance & Administration Office of Motor Vehicles P.O. Box 1272 Records Unit, Room 1100 Little Rock, AR 72203

You will have completely transferred your vehicle’s title to a new owner after all of these steps are completed legally.