How to Fill Out a Rental Lease

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A rental lease agreement is a contract between a landlord and a tenant. The landlord leases space to a tenant in the form of a residential or commercial property for a certain dollar amount as agreed to in the contract. The amount of money, typically referred to in legal terms as "consideration," is sufficient for the agreement to be enforceable by applicable law. Each party is responsible for completing his or her section of the lease.

Write your full name, date of birth and present address. Write the numbers for social security, driver's license or government photo identification and phone on the appropriate lines. Complete each box for marital status, co-applicant and U.S. citizenship.

Write down the number for the length of years you have stayed at your present address. Record your previous address and include the city, state and zip code. Write the name of your previous landlord, his phone number and address.

Fill out the sections that refer to the amount of your current rent and how often it is due. Complete the employment section. Add the name of the employer, the company's address, supervisor's name and your job title. Write down the number of years you have worked for the employer.

Fill out the employment income section. Write your hourly wage or monthly salary and both the gross and net amounts. Add figures for supplemental income.

Complete the consumer credit sections for auto loans and credit cards. Add the name of the creditors, your present credit card balances and monthly payments.

Fill out additional sections that refer to past evictions, bankruptcy filings, foreclosures and late payment histories. Complete the references section and add the names of two people who are not family members. Print and sign your name and put the date you sign the application.

Mark the box for "guarantor" if you will need to prove income support. Fill out the standard Lease Contract Guaranty form by writing the name, current address, phone, driver's license and social security numbers and credit rental history.

Complete the sections for marital status, employer, supervisor's name, position title, length of years and gross monthly income. Check off additional boxes for property damage suits, felony charges and sex-related crimes, if applicable. Sign and date the guaranty form.


  • Both residential and commercial landlords use a rental lease agreement to outline the duties of each party to the contract.


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