How to Report Meth Labs

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According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, or NACHI, in 2003 alone more than 17,000 methamphetamine labs were seized by the police in the United States. These illegal labs, also called meth labs, are not only a health risk to the community but also an extreme fire hazard with a high possibility of explosion.

Call the Police

Step 1

Call your town or county's local police station or the state police closest to your address. It's a good idea to know in advance whose jurisdiction the neighborhood is in, be it the county sheriff, local police department or state troopers.

Step 2

Tell them you suspect you have found a meth lab. Divulge all information including why you suspect a meth lab, anything you may have witnessed and the address of the suspected meth lab. When making your observation, write down license-plate numbers and descriptions of cars you see in the area around the suspected lab so you can make an accurate report to the authorities.

Step 3

Answer all of their questions truthfully and honestly. They may ask if you have names of the meth lab operators and will also ask how you came upon the information.

Call 911

Step 1

Dial 911 from any phone.

Step 2

Tell the 911 operator you want to report a meth lab in your area. Usually when you dial 911, they will answer by saying 'Where is your emergency?' Give the address of the meth lab.

Step 3

Answer all questions truthfully. You may be asked to provide a callback number where you can be reached by an investigator for more information.

Local Drug Enforcement Agencies

Step 1

Look in the front of your phone book for a local drug enforcement agency.

Step 2

Report the meth lab to your local agency if one exists. If you are unable to find a special agency or hotline number for your area, call your local police station.

Step 3

Give detailed information and answer all questions as truthfully as possible. Be sure to provide the address of the suspected meth lab and in-depth details of how you came upon your suspicions.



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