Requirements to Transfer Cosmetology License From USA to New Zealand

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New Zealand's natural beauty and high standard of living make it an attractive place to live and work. But if you're planning on transferring your US cosmetology license to New Zealand, you will need to make sure your credentials measure up. Fortunately, there's a relatively straightforward way to make sure your qualifications will be valid.

Who can help

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority deals with all qualifications earned outside of universities, including cosmetology certificates. To see how your American credentials stack up, you will need to apply for an International Qualifications Assessment. This assessment will tell you which New Zealand qualifications match your cosmetology training. This information will be invaluable for the immigration and employment process.

How to apply

Be sure to get all your papers in order when you apply.
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You can apply for and get the results of an International Qualifications Assessment online on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website. You will need to fill out forms, send documents related to your qualifications and work experience, and pay a fee. Since the specific requirements may change, consult the New Zealand Qualifications Authority site for specifics. See the website under the "Resources" section.

How long does the assessment take?

A standard assessment takes 35 working days, although you may be able to apply for a fast-track assessment, which takes 20 working days. To apply for a fast track, you must have "genuine reasons" for wanting to speed up the process. Contact the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to see if your reasons qualify.



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