How to Transfer a Deed of Property in Florida

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Transferring a real estate or property in the state of Florida can be done with a simple form called a quitclaim deed. The term "quitclaim deed" literally means to quit or forfeit rights to an asset or property. There are two principal parties in a Florida property deed transfer: the grantor, who is transferring the property from his or her name, and the grantee, who is receiving the property transfer.

Purchase or download a Florida quitclaim deed from an office supply store or real estate legal form website such as The quitclaim deed form should include a statement that it is a valid Florida transfer.

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Complete the Florida quitclaim deed. Include the name of the grantor(s), the grantee(s), the county in which the property is located, the property address, the legal description of the property, a notarized statement, and witness signature lines. Have the Florida quitclaim deed notarized. Make copies for each party.

File the quitclaim deed with the Florida county property appraiser's or tax collector's office. Take the completed quitclaim deed to the county recorder's office or the property appraiser's office. Speak with a clerk about filing the quitclaim deed. Pay the filing fee and submit it to the clerk. The Florida quitclaim deed is recorded by the county clerk and the property is transferred from the grantor to the grantee.


  • Consult a real estate attorney prior to filing the Florida quitclaim deed with the county to ensure it is legally sufficient.