DOT Trailer Regulations in Ohio

Ohio law requires permits you to transport trailers on public roads.
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The Ohio Department of Transportation enforces the rules for travel trailer use on public roads. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles sets the standards regarding fees, inspections and titling requirements for both commercial and private-use hauling and travel trailers.

Travel Trailers

All travel and flat-bed travel trailers must hold a valid Ohio title and registration to traverse public roads. Owners can secure the necessary documents from county-level title and Bureau of Motor Vehicles offices. Owners of campers or motor homes must buy a travel trailer title. A motor home is considered a self-propelled vehicle.

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Mobile Homes

Mobile homes and campers, also referred to as “trailers” must also purchase a title from the same county offices. The Ohio Department of Transportation requires red flags be tied to a mobile home as it is transported on public roads. Permits must be obtained to move a mobile home on a public road. Mobile home owners purchase a manufactured home certificate of title.


Ohio special hauling permits are necessary when moving trailers over the dimensional width or length requirements. Vehicles can not haul any trailer bigger than 12 feet wide during designated rush-hour times or specific holidays. Over-wide restrictions also exist during designated weekend hours. Ohio law does not allow over-wide trailers to be moved on public roads at night.