How to Create an MSDS Folder

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Creating an MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet folder and keeping it accessible is required by law for businesses. It can be a difficult task for companies with many chemicals on site, but it is manageable with some effort. Creating and keeping an MSDS folder up to date provides employees with important information about the chemical makeup of a product, health concerns they may present, and first aid procedures.

Write down the manufacturer name, chemical name, brand name and any contact information listed on the label of every chemical stored at your business.

Contact each manufacturer that you work with and ask them for the MSDS for the product you have. A faxed or mailed copy will work. If contact information was not on the label, use a search engine online and search for the manufacturer online. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA, distributors are also required to provide an MSDS upon request.

Use a spreadsheet software program and enter in every chemical that was found at your business along with the manufacturer. This will be used as a table of contents for your MSDS folder, so arrange it alphabetically by common chemical name.

Print the completed table of contents and place into the MSDS folder.

Arrange all of the collected MSDS alphabetically and place them into the MSDS folder.

Request the MSDS for each new chemical as it is purchased and place it into the folder immediately to keep the MSDS folder up to date.


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