How to Patent a New Wing Sauce

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Research current patents of recipes that are related to the one you've concocted. Do this to ensure that someone else hasn't already patented the idea. Search the database at for wing sauce recipes.

Hire a patent attorney. An attorney will help draft a patent by lending his legal expertise to ensure that claims are detailed and accurate before filing. This will help speed the approval process and increase the likelihood of an approval.

File the finished draft with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The attorney will help with the filing process. You likely will apply for a utility patent, described by the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a patent for a "useful process, machine, article of manufacture, and composition of matter." Decide whether you want international or merely domestic protection of the patent.

Be discreet. If your recipe is still in the scrutinization phase, it has not yet been approved and is still subject to theft. Ask anyone who might work with you in the manufacturing and marketing of the recipe to sign a confidentiality agreement. The agreement will protect from unauthorized distribution of the recipe formula.


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