How to Change the Name of a Property

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Changing the name on your property is a surprisingly simple process but one that requires proper adherence to state and local laws. Research your local property laws well before attempting to remove, change or add a name to a property title. Changing the name or names on your property's deed requires that all original signors of the document approve the change so be sure to consult any co-signors before attempting to do this.

Review your current property deed. If yours is the only name listed on the property this means you are the sole owner. If that's the case, you can change the name on your deed without any special permissions from other signers. If others are listed, discuss your plans with them as you will need to be authorized to change the name by those signers.

Meet with a real estate lawyer to fill out and submit a quitclaim deed for your property title. A quitclaim deed simply transfers a title from one individual to another individual. The only way to change the name or names on a property deed is to fill out a new deed; a quitclaim is the most direct way to do so.

Make sure the deed co-signers (if applicable) are in agreement and are present for the meeting with your real estate lawyer. They must be in attendance to sign the quitclaim deed if their names are on the original title.

Get the quitclaim deed notarized at a local facility such as a bank or library. Most states do not require additional witnesses to sign the deed, but check with your state and local laws first to be sure.

Take a copy of the deed to your county recorder's office. Depending on the state in which the property is located the name of this office will be one of the following: County Recorder's Office, County Clerk's Office, Register of Deeds or Land Registry Office. This office files and completes the deed and sends copies to the title insurance company, the grantor (you) and the grantee (the person whose name it's being changed to).


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